Never Never Land.

Hey guys!

So just a quick update, I’m not at a very great state right now so I haven’t given writing much consideration. I’m sorry, I’ve just been going through a lot. Hopefully you guys are enjoying the new theme!! So here goes.

A narcissists point of view…

I live in a small kingdom in the middle of nowhere. About 75 per cent of the world are oblivious of our existence. But we’re here. Everybody knows everybody or at least somebody who knows you. It’s really a small world out here. And whether that is a good or bad thing is beyond me. It’s always too hot or too cold or too windy or dusty or too something but such is the labyrinth of life. We go about our day doing whatever it is people are supposed to do (and mind you, NOBODY really knows what it is they are doing). And occasionally we bump into people who should not be given a driver’s license or any license at all for that matter forcing those of us that are sane to repeat the mantra from The Help; “You is kind, You is smart, You is important.” And it works. Sometimes. The only entertainment we have to look forward to is when the weekend arrives and even then it’s too crowded because the entire kingdom and their cousins flock at the local malls so trying to escape your colleagues or sneak around with your forbidden lover in public isn’t very ideal from what I can tell.

To be precise there are 3 types of people that you would find.

One, as Kami Garcia puts it, “those that are too stupid to leave or too stuck to move.”

Two, those that are born to inhibit this place for all its touristic appeal and then leave.

And finally, those that spend all their lives here, taking Instagram pictures of the rarely ever purple sky, trying to appreciate what they have but never really feel at home so they dream of getting out. Forgive me for being cynical. Some of those pictures are almost Tumblr qualified, have around 2000 likes and no filter either! But nothing spells unsatisfied like moping on the weekends and reposting old pictures to make it look like you ACTUALLY have a life. In fact if you’re like me you eventually stop trying because you just stop giving a shit.


This is all beside the point though.

Being confined does have its strengths though. The lack of exposure has most people high on the 80’s. Don’t get me wrong. I lalalalalove the Beatles as much as the next guy unfortunately not everyone shares my appreciation for good music. *cough* DUBSTEP SUCKS.

What more can I say? It’s an unconventional and unproductive life. It’s my life.

So yeah.

I live in a small kingdom in the middle of nowhere. About 75 per cent of the world are oblivious of our existence. But we’re here. I am not the first. Or the second but the third type of person you’d find but hey- I’m not complaining haha.

The people make you question humanity, the weather makes you question global warming. Have you heard about my kingdom? I doubt it. But we’re here and we’re just like you. Hoping, dreaming, wishing on stars and praying to Gods we aren’t sure exist that we will wake up to see a tomorrow.

We’re here.

Where are you?

Hope you guys liked it!

Until next time,


Sara Malik.


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