What a joke.

But what happens when the skyline breaks along with the rain and clouds?
And the thunder is only an echo of my breaking heart?
What happens when all my attempts at happiness have failed?
Especially when you gave way to pressures of this world,
What do I hold onto then?
With no anchor to carry all my suffrage?
How do I get out if bed?
Looking like this trail of emotional mess.
Where would I even begin?  The very start or my shattered end?

How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways..
When will I see thy return?
I’m aware not for many, many days..
There’s something deep inside that coincides with the body and the brains.
A heart? Compassion?
What a joke.
I lost all these when thy love gave way.
And still,
My very soul, is the only one to blame.


4 thoughts on “What a joke.

  1. Questions that conclude an answer, interesting piece. Though I get heart ache and confusion. “Alone without the love that once was…” Kinda vibe I like your piece, it differentiates from the normal forms of poetry..


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