Ciao my dear readers,

This week has been extremely exhausting and don’t bother asking what I did because I myself don’t fully recall, but thankfully tomorrow is Thursday which marks the weekend in my little Neverland which is Bahrain.

As usual I was researching all the possible things I could write about when I came across a site with interesting words. The one in particular that stood out to me was:


To consent or comply passively or without protest.

I’ve found that everyone has a dream and often that dream well….remains a dream.  People start out with big dreams and plans and eventually resign themselves to a fate that they believe to be theirs they become content working a regular job and living a regular life. Until one day they stop and look out at their life realizing that it’s not what they had always dreamed about. They’ve gotten stuck in this monotonous, never-changing life that doesn’t live up to what they’d hoped. And now in this realization, they start to lose that optimism that kept them going before of being something more.

More simply put- If you’ve heard the song Pompeii by Bastille you probably never gave much thought to the in depth meaning.

But it goes a little something like this.

Whether it be via large contributions(wars, poverty) or small ones(failed relationships, hopelessness) we inadvertently are the causes of the downfalls in our world. Our vices(greed, lust, wrong doings) are clearly visible in our everyday lives. Our world. Our life. We. Are all incredibly and fatally flawed. We have several hamartia’s.  Over and over in anyone’s life, there are problems and difficulties. Yet, when we “close our eyes” (stop thinking about the problems themselves), we realize that despite our recognition of these flaws, we really haven’t changed our attitudes at all to help make things better (“nothing’s changed at all”). For that reason, we keep making the same mistakes over and over again — we’ve “been here before,” and we’re making the same mistakes again, one reason why the metaphor of Pompeii and it’s destruction is brilliant for this song. We want to change everything that’s going wrong, when maybe we should be looking to change ourselves and our own shortcomings.

One of the most powerful lines of the song conveys this message — “Where do we begin? The rubble or our sins?” In other words, do we just clean up and hide our messes, or do we dig for the root of the problem first? It seems to suggest that the first option will lead to continued failure and an endless cycle of destruction.

When you think about it the answer is right there in the title. 

Clouds rolled over the hills, bringing darkness over Pompeii when Mount Vesuvius erupted. 

The people were caught in their vices and in their daily activities, in poses as the dust of the eruption settled. 

And, perhaps most unsettlingly:

Does it almost feel like nothing’s changed at all?

Well, of course it would. If a person from Pompeii, in the days when it was alive, visited the place as it is now, with the people frozen in time under the ash, they might almost feel as if nothing were different, when in fact nothing is the same at all.

It’s kind of disturbing when you look at it like that.

When did we start giving in and giving up?

I doubt that if we were to start our lives over as kids that we would begin viewing them in ruins. There is hope. There is light. There is love. We are just too caught up in what’s going on to plan ahead. To tell ourselves that this too shall pass. And it will. We will keep moving forward. We will keep dreaming. Our old dreams will still be dreams that we desire to accomplish. Life goes on and it doesn’t wait for anyone.

In the same way we too will go on with our lives building cities from the ashes.

Don’t settle for acquiesce, guys.


Until next time,


Sara Malik.



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