Fitness First? Mind over Matter.

Hello my dear subjects of interest!

Okay that sounds creepy buuuuut I AM interested in knowing how you guys have been feeling about my posts! So please do let me know.


I know it seems like my theme is book/poetry related but to be honest I have no theme. I’ve decided to go with a free flow and maybe you liked me as a book/poetry analyst but I’ve decided to play the field and see where it takes me. (Which is why I appreciate your feedback!)


So for today I’ve decided to work on a Fitness post. I know it’s probably Summer where most of you are and if not, this still applies because I do believe Summer does appear worldwide at least once a year, right?

If you’re like me and sitting at home munching away your Summertime Saddness you are in BIIIIIG trouble.

But don’t worry there’s still hope.


And like you will draw your hope from me and I too have drawn my hope from a very good friend of mine. 🙂


I had interviewed my friend as I intended to make this an interview kind of post so I will be listing a few of the important questions I asked alongside the equally important answer.


Source(s): JR


In your opinion what is the best thing about being fit?

  • The best thing about being fit is that you are able to do other things that the everyday person is unable to do. Not just that though I always think people tend to look better when they’re fitter and they feel better about themselves both physically and mentally. Their body just generally functions much better!

What do you think people do wrong when they work out?

  • They don’t understand how the human body works. For example; many women tend to think if they lift weights they gain muscles but that’s not the case at all, what it does actually is help them burn fat alot quicker and their metabolism increases and from there the gain a sort of nice, toned physique. When alot of people look into fitness they sadly look into the wrong sort of cardio training as well and that can make it very hard for them to see any results in the short or long term. It’s about being SMART not training harder so I guess less is more the best way to put it.


If strategically, a person is just trying to remain healthy, should they do cardio or circuit and why?


  • Well I guess that depends on what a person defines as healthy. I’d probably recommend a little bit of both. If you’re doing circuit training what would happen is that it would allow you to remain interested in fitness. If you’re not interested what will happen is it will become hard for you to sustain it in the long term so I would always recommend you to do exercise whether you’re male or female and combining that with a nice cardio program as well so let’s say 50/50. So lets say you’d spend an hour at the gym you’d spend half an hour doing circuit training and half an hour with your cardio. You should always do cardio after weights it’s because you need all the energy that you can store in order to do weights properly It’s always a good thing to have all the energy stores available for when you need them and towards the end you can burn off all your excess calories during cardio!
According to you what is a healthy diet and do slimming foods such as detox juices or detox water help?

  • What everyone should understand is that it depends on individual circumstances. Most of the time I would say a healthy diet is one with the minimal sugar intake. Sugar stores easily in the body and I think that if there’s an overdose that creates a bit of an issue. The other thing is items like fat-free foods are no good either because what they’re trying to do is add more flavours with more sugar to try and cover for the fact that there’s no fat in the item. The media is very misleading and people need to remember that companies may advertise for more healthier options but they might not be healthier.
  • The other thing is you should try and have 4-5 small meals during the day instead of 3 major ones this causes your body to burn fat more often. And also the water intake is very important obviously so the bigger you are the more water you need.
I hope all that was new information for you guys because it certainly was for me! I’m going to listen a few other things I learnt from my talk hopefully the word ‘healthy’ comes to mind the next time you want to pick up a packet of chips.
  • Fruits and vegetables are good! But you need to be careful about certain types because they already contain a natural sugar store. For example it’s always better to eat half a banana and something else because a full banana is usually too big a sugar hit. 
  • Detox is a short term solution. The weight you’ll be losing is ONLY water weight! How sad is that? I really liked the colours in the fruit mixture! 😦
  • Although there should be a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your body eating proteins makes your body feel like you’ve had a full meal which helps when you’re trying to cut down!
I am so excited to share this with you guys and help you start getting into shape! It’s important to be healthy but you’re all beautiful the way you are and there is NO NEED to starve yourselves. Hard work pays off guys so don’t give up!
Until next time!
Sara Malik.

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