Rant Thursday- Disney Controversy?

Hello dear readers and welcome to the very first ever rant Thursday!

As a child I was very much in love with Aurora or Sleeping Beauty as she was more widely known as. I think most of us dreamed of having our Prince Charming sweep us off our feet into a Happily Ever After. That is of course what Disneys’ intention was. And however honourable the intention I think all agree that it lured us into a false sense of security and a fantasy of ‘Someday my Prince will come.’ Besides this I found nothing wrong with Disney movies. I mean who doesn’t love the Bare Necessities song and the rare friendship between Mowgli and Baloo? I sure do!

But then I looked deeper into the matter and I found several interesting factors that may or may not have contributed to our foundation whilst growing up. So here it is. The truth about two of the most famous characters. If you’d like to continue having a good memory of them I suggest you read no further but if you are as impertinent as I am I invite you to read on.


Winnie and friends

Winnie and friends

1) Winnie The Pooh and Friends.

This is probably the WORST of the lot. Just stop and think about it.

Eeyore was ALWAYS depressed. Piglet: Social Anxiety Disorder. Tigger: ADHD.  Rabbit: OCD Owl: Dyslexia. Kanga and Roo: Dissociative Personality Disorder.
And our beloved Christopher Robin had Schizophrenia. All our favourite characters were the figments of a mentally ill boys mind.  Children are like sponges absorbing everything they see and rather than absorbing the better traits of the characters they can absorb the negative traits and believe that such behaviour is acceptable and even normal which is a perfect explanation for our generation with kids always being depressed, insecure and overly anxious.

2) Peter Pan.

Okay, so Peter Pan? Yeah THIS WAS MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE! 😦

Peter Pan a.k.a The Boy Who Refused To Grow Up is where the Peter Pan Syndrome started. I mean the Lost Boy were all babies who fell out of their prams. They craved the love of a mother they didn’t have. I mean which lunatic shows that aspect of life to little kids in a cartoon?! ._.

Not to mention the aspect of Neverland and escaping reality which doesn’t do a bit of good for anyone. We’re all going to have to grow up at some point and face reality. There’s no point telling kids they can escape it by shutting themselves down!

I know most of this is pretty dark and deep stuff but I just wanted to get it out there. You can’t tell kids they’re going to have a Happily Ever After and then show them Happily Ever After doesn’t exist. That’s complete and utter hypocrisy and not to mention confusion to their already developing minds.

That’s all for today! Leave your comments below! 🙂

Until next time!


Sara Malik.


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