Poetry Wednesday- Discussion.

Hello my lovely readers!

What did you think of Having a Coke with You? Personally, I adore it. It’s my favourite right next to Stopping by the woods on a Snowy Evening by Robert Frost.

Right. So I’m going to be discussing what I think the poem means ANNNND towards the end I will be leaving you a few questions so please answer them because I would love to know what you think. 🙂

Obviously, like any other grand romantic gesture Frank O’ Hara has written a poem about the love of his life and he goes on to say how he enjoys her company over any ancient piece of architecture that the world has to offer.

I particularly like this poem because he doesnt talk about himself alone but talks about the girl too. “Partly because of your love for yoghurt.” Very honestly I can say that there is something very genuine about the way he has written because he talks about the most trivial things like her orange shirt or standing next to the right person when the sun sets when he could be writing about how he would feel if she died.

I really liked the part where he mentions the Nude Descending the Stairs and all the paintings because he’s really talking about how looking at other women no longer gives him pleasure. According to him they could walk past him nude and he wouldn’t even flinch. 

And last but not least Frank talks about(as I mentioned earlier) the trivial things that actually mean everything to people and not wasting any time by not letting them know how you feel.

1) Which was your favourite verse and WHY?
2) Do you think trivial things matter?

Leave your comments below!
Until next time guys!
Sara Malik.


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